Introducing our new website


Introducing our new website

With a modern and user-friendly design, we present our new website that celebrates our commitment to producing high-quality, sustainable, and tradition-linked cuisine. In addition to providing information about our company, history, and various product lines, through our website we aim to convey to visitors the passion and authenticity that characterizes our brand. 

Each product is presented as a journey of taste and goodness. Thanks to our website, we can enrich the story of our country's gastronomic tradition that has made Italian cuisine known all over the world.

Other news
  • Freshness <br>
always within reach
    always within reach

    Our egg pasta, gnocchi and chicche are as fresh and delicious as home-made.

  • Too little time <br>
for lunch?
    Too little time
    for lunch?

    With Nonna Rina, you can serve a gourmet meal in minutes.

  • We take the environment <br> very seriously
    We take the environment
    very seriously

    We work hard every day to improve, and nearly all our packs are recyclable.